May The 4th Be With You!!!

Hello SuperStarrs, Happy May The 4th, Star Wars Day!!!  In today’s video I share my Super Cool Star Wars Story.  What I learned from Yoda & Luke, in The Empire Strikes Back. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, there’s an Awesome lesson to learn from my story.
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.03.41 PM
So in this scene, Luke gets distracted from his ship sinking in the swamp. Immediately he looses focus and has a bad attitude. He drops Yoda and says “Now we’ll never get it out now.” Notice the NEVER? How many times have you said or thought NEVER??? Yoda points out Luke’s negative thinking by asking “So, certain are you? Always with you it can not be done”. We all know people that are always negative or doubting. Some of us are that person. I know I’ve struggled with negative thinking in the past.  Luke defends his actions by saying “Master, moving stones around is one thing, this is Totally different!” Luke is only focused on how much Bigger the problem is, rather than the power he has, that he can use. Yoda again tells Luke, “NO, NO Different. Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.” We all learned our negative thinking  and doubting from someone or somewhere.  No matter where we picked it up from, we need to unlearn it!!!  Our God is BIGGER than any problem or task we ever will face!!!  With the Holy Spirit in us, we have the Power in us, we just need to use it!!!  So when Luke responds with his half hearted “Alright I’ll give it a try.” He is still doubting that this is ever gonna work.  It’s totally half hearted, just like when ever someone says “I’ll try to make it to your party.” Ya know they probably are not coming. It’s a half hearted attempt. Whenever someone attempts anything half hearted, they truly don’t care or believe it’s possible.  Whenever we care or really want it to happen, we put forth effort to make it happen. We plan ahead, prepare, declutter our schedule, or cancel whatever is in the way of us getting what we want.  There is effort involved. Luke is already believing in his failure, before he even starts.  Then this is where Master Yoda says his famous line “Do or do not. There is no try.”
You either put forth the effort and make it happen or you don’t.  So Luke “Tries” as soon as it gets tough, he quits and then says “I can’t, it’s too Big.” Justifying his quitting. How many times have we quit after only giving a half hearted attempt and then we justify our actions to make ourselves feel better about quitting???  Of course Luke says this to little Yoda, but Yoda replies “ Size matters not, look at me.”. Yoda goes on to tell Luke about the Power of the Force and that it is available for Luke to use. However, Luke still being full of doubt so much that he is not even really listening to Yoda.  He is just not getting it. You can feel it in his response “You want the impossible.” Luke then walks away.  R2 gets Luke’s attention. Luke comes back checks out the ship, no longer in the swamp. The impossible has become possible!!! SUPER COOL!!! He says to Yoda “I don’t believe it.” Yoda responds “That is why you fail.”
So SuperStarrs, we gotta to believe that we can do whatever it is God has called us to do. Whatever we Dream or Desire to do, we can do it.
Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for help.  That’s our Force Jedi!!!
Believe that You can do it!!!
Then DO THE WORK!!! Ditch the word Try.
One day what was once impossible, you will prove to be POSSIBLE!!!
SuperStarrs, Do you celebrate May 4th, Star Wars day???
Are you a Star Wars fan???
Do you have a favorite character or movie???
Make Healthy Choices while you are “In The Weighting”!!!

BEWARE Of The Snakes!!!

Hello SuperStarrs!!!  I am excited that you are working toward your Health Goals!!!  On you Journey you may encounter some Snakes.  Don’t worry or freak out if you do.  Watch this video, where I tell my Snake story and give you some advice of what to look out for.
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.02.01 PM
Here he is!!!
You can see how BIG he is!!!
Unfortunately, we will always need to be on guard.  I still encounter snakes. (Check out some of the comments from last week’s video!!!)  Even if you don’t like snakes you don’t have to be afraid. Jesus has given us Authority over the enemy.
Knowing God’s Truth helps us whenever we do encounter snakes, we know we don’t have to be afraid, because they are beneath us.  We can choose to use our Power in Christ to trample them!!!
We can call out to Jesus and He will fight for us!!!  We don’t have to get upset and angry.  We don’t have to tell them off, defend ourselves or even respond.  We know the Truth, so we can shake it off, forgive them, and use our energy doing what God has called us to do, to get to where we are going on our health journey.  I share this with you SuperStarrs,  so that you don’t let the enemy rob you of one minute of your Peace and Joy!!!  Know that God loves you and will fight for you!!!  Arm yourself with God’s Word of Truth, and you won’t believe the lies of the snakes.
Do you have a snake story???
Do you have snakes in your life???
How are you going to handle your next snake encounter???
Have a Great week SuperStarrs!!!
Make Healthy Choices while you are “In The Weighting”!!!

What I Learned Watching, Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath

Hello SuperStarrs, you are probably wondering why I am talking about Scientology today.  In the video below I explain my thoughts and the message of how our thoughts and beliefs effect our actions.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 8.24.51 PM

What lies have you been believing???

What Truth replaces those lies???

Are you gonna use the Truth to fight against those lies???

Do you have a Broken Spirit???

Are you going to get help and allow the healing to begin???

Do you have a Cheerful mind???

Are you gonna fight to have a Cheerful mind???

Make Healthy Choices while you are “In The Weighting”.

Remember You are a SuperStarr!!!


4 Tips to Help You Get Your Workout Done!!!

Hello SuperStarrs, We are all gonna have days when we just want to stay in bed or on the couch.  I know because I have totally been there before.  This is where you have to press through until exercise becomes a habit. When you feel and see the benefits, then you will have exercise as your lifestyle, meaning you do it no matter what.  However you will still have days that you will want to talk yourself out of it before you even start.  Today’s video I am sharing what has helped me to keep going even when I’m having a off day.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.21.55 PM


  1. Prepare the night before.  It saves time and frustration having everything ready to go. Keeping all your workout gear in one place helps you to always know where everything is.  Just remember to put it back where it belongs, when you return from you run or the gym.
  2. Use Caffeine as your friend.  When you need extra energy to get moving, drink some caffeine.  Don’t drink too much if you work out after work or evening, because it could back fire on you not being able to sleep later. So just have a cup of coffee, you don’t need a triple shot at 6 o’clock at night.
  3. Citrus. Whether you drink, eat it or just smell citrus, it wakes you up. I LOVE oranges!!!  Just peeling the orange smells SO GOOD!!!
  4. Create a Workout Jam. Create your soundtrack for getting healthy and feeling good!!!  Music motivates and moves our moods so much!!!  I’m sure you have experienced before, having a bad day and then your song comes on the Radio, Pandora, or Spotify and in just a few seconds of hearing your Jam, all is good in the world!!!  Music moves us, so use it to get yourself moving into the Healthy Strong Body that you want!!!

What is your favorite music to listen to when you work out???

What songs do you suggest that I add to my Workout Jam???

Who else still uses an iPod???

Share with me when you have made your Workout Jam, comment below DONE!!!

Make Healthy Choices while you are “In the Weighting”.


Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.31.44 PM




Feed Yourself the Good Stuff!!!

Hello SuperStarrs!!! Today I’m chatting with you on the importance of feeding yourself the “Good Stuff”.  Watch the video below to where I share with you my thoughts on the “Good Stuff” and some tips that help me to keep feeding myself the “Good Stuff”.




When I get home from the store and unpack everything, I put the veggies and fruit into the sink to rinse before putting them away.  Except berries.  We don’t rinse them until we are ready to eat them. If they sit in the fridge with any extra moisture, they will get fuzzy pretty quick.  I fill the sink full of clean water and about a half to a cup full of vinegar. I let them sit for a few minutes before wiping and rinsing them off.  Make sure they are good and dry before putting them away.  I let them air dry on a Kitchen towel or hand dry them if I’m in a hurry.



Baked Eggs

I find it’s so much easier to bake eggs rather than boil them.  Here’s how I do it.

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Place eggs in a muffin tin.
  3. Put them in oven to bake for 30 mins.


4. Take eggs from oven and place in an ice bath for 10 mins. ( I just fill one side of the                 sink up with water to cover eggs and add ice.)


5. Done.  Enjoy your eggs or stick them in fridge until you are ready to eat them.  They               will have a small brown spot from sitting in the muffing tin. It’s all good, just eat it               or cut it off when you peel them.

Feeding Your Spirit 

I LOVE this scripture so much that I had My Amazing Talented Husband put it into the Design when He redid our Kitchen.  I wanted everyone who came into our home and ate in our Kitchen to know that “The Lord Is Good” and to know that is why we are Blessed!!!  I want them to accept the invitation that Jesus offers to them.  I pray that their life will be changed and Blessed because of their relationship with Jesus!!!


This is My Husbands Brilliance of creating this glass art piece above our pantry. He is just so Creative and Talented!!!  One of the many reasons I Married him!!!


What can you do to help feed yourself the “Good Stuff”???

What changes are you going to make to help yourself to eat your veggies???

Is there a veggie you are gonna give another try???

When in your day are you going to feed yourself with the Truth found in God’s Word???

Are you going to start your day, have an afternoon pick up, or end your day in the Word???

Some days can you do all three???

Remember that every time you make a Healthy Choice you are Loving Yourself!!!

Continue making Healthy Choices while you are “In The Weighting”!!!

Life Interruptions

By now you are getting into a workout routine, drinking more water and eating healthier and then a Life Interruption happens.  Instead of getting bummed out and discouraged, refocus and use this time to get other things done.  This video I share 5 things YOU CAN DO even if you can’t get your normal workout in.
1) Do what YOU CAN DO!!!  If you really want to make a change, you will find a way to keep going!!!
2) Take This Time to Work on Projects or Meal Prep.  Most of us have projects we can work on. Organizing the closets, Decluttering the Kitchen or Bathroom cabinets, or shredding the paper clutter.  Not only will we feel great about getting stuff done but it will help make our environment more peaceful.  The kids can help too.  You can get them in the car, drive to the car wash, have them help clean up their mess and then drive them to finally cash in the free slushes or ice cream coupons they’ve gotten from school.  Added Bonus is when they know they are gonna be the ones wiping up the soda syrup from the cup holders.  They start remembering to throw their drinks away instead of leaving them there to leak!!! Your Welcome 😃
3) Use This Time to Research.  Anything that you want to know more information about research it!!!  Even if it something you are just curious about, check it out!!!  At least then you’ll know yah or nah.
4) Enjoy This Time With Your Kids/Family/Self!!!  God gave you a rest day. Enjoy it, don’t waste it fretting about not getting that one workout in. Enjoy today. We are not promised tomorrow!!!
5) Get Your Kids Involved With Your Workout.  One of the many reasons I wanted to get healthy is so I can do things with my kids without getting too tired to continue.  So get out there with them and see if they can keep up with you!!! 😉
So what are you gonna do this weekend or when the next Life Interruptions happens??? Comment below and share with the rest of the SuperStarrs!!!
Thanks SO much to each and everyone of you for watching my Videos, reading my Blog and following me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest!!!  It’s AMAZING being able to share my story with you. I pray you find encouragement, change your life and are able to share your story!!!
Make Healthy Choices while you are “In The Weighting” SuperStarrs!!!

Running Stories

Today’s video I am sharing a few running stories with you.
Along your Journey you will have those who Cheer you on!!!
Some who will try to be a Dream Killer.
Don’t get discourage by them.  Keep working hard and then you will also experience Super Cool times of seeing and feeling your progress.  Getting Stronger, Faster, Determined and Dedicated to reaching your Dreams!!!  Moving towards where you want to be.
I encourage you to find scripture in God’s Word that speaks life to you when you need it.  Write it down.  Memorize it.  Speak it out.  You will have tough days.  You will have things happen that try to distract you and to slow you down.  Prepare for them.  Then when it does happen it won’t take you out!!!  You can fight back with The Truth in The Word!!!
This has been my life verse for years!!!  God gave me this in a really bad time in my life.  I felt hopeless, discouraged and worn out from trying to do right.  Struggling with feelings of wondering if doing good would ever really pay off.  I felt I had made too many mistakes to every have blessings in my life.  I felt no matter how hard I worked I’d never see a pay off.  I felt angry seeing others around me who weren’t even trying, get blessings.  I felt angry at people who weren’t appreciating what I was working so hard for.  Notice how I say “felt”.  I kept letting my “feelings” distract and discourage me.  Then one day while reading God’s Word I read this verse.  It spoke life and encouragement to me.  He was telling me that He knew my heart, where I was and where I had been.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  His promise that I WILL reap a harvest  if I keep doing what I am supposed to do, don’t quit and keep a good attitude while I am waiting for it.  I wrote that verse down on notecards and taped it up all over my apartment and on the dashboard of my car.  I read it and spoke it out loud every time I needed the encouragement.  So I encourage you to read the Word.  Find YOUR life verse.  Until you do you are welcome to use this one too!!!   God’s promises is for everyone not just to me.  What He has done for me, He wants to do for you too!!!
Life’s a Garden. Dig it!!!
Do you have a life verse???
If so share it below.
Make Healthy Choices while you are “IN the Weighting”.


I don’t know about you but whenever I hear H2O, I think of the Adam Sandler movie Waterboy!!!  LOL!!!  Great movie!!!  Seriously though today I’m sharing with you the importance of getting your “High-quality H2O”.
Here are some Signs of Dehydration to help you to know when you need more water.
-Thirst is the first sign to drink up!
-Muscle cramps
-Dark urine (Except your first pee of the day. Urine concentrates during the night.  Urine    should be clear with a slight yellow color.)
-Dry skin and lips
-Feeling tired and sleepy
I LOVE my coffee but I also always chase it with water. I know coffee is a diuretic and I don’t want it to dehydrate me.  My husband always makes fun of me because I always have two drinks at all times.  A hot one and a cold one.  Having the habit of always carrying water with me helps me to keep sipping throughout the day.
Yummy La Croix!!!
Don’t forget to drink from the Living Water!!!   Just like H2O, we might be able to go sometime without it.  However after just a couple of days and you will feel the negative effects of going without!!!
Do you drink enough water???
If so, what helps you to drink more water???
Who’s gonna watch Waterboy now???
Make healthy choices “In the Weighting”.

My 2nd half Marathon

This video I recorded right after my 2nd Half Marathon that I ran in Dubuque, Iowa on Labor Day 2016.  I didn’t know if I’d ever use it but now I am so glad I did record it!!!  Not only am I able to share with all my SuperStarrs, but I can totally see the difference in my face from then to now!!!  STARR POWER BABY!!!
Here is my Finish, running with my Sweet Energetic Ethan!!! My two BIGGEST Cheerleaders, My Love Bob and my Daughter Melody cheering me on!!!  Also where you will see my buddy Jake encouraging me to finish strong!!!
After race fun…feeling like Wonder Woman!!!  My Bestie Michelle bought me this cape for my Birthday after my 1st race.  She still continues to Bless me with all kinds of Wonder Woman things.  Makes me feel great that whenever she sees anything Wonder Woman she thinks of me.  She is always encouraging me even though she thinks I’m CrAzY for running as much as I do!!!  Michelle constantly speaks life to me and over my dreams, that’s why she is my Bestie!!! I am so Thankful that God crossed our paths years ago in Beauty School!!!
What’s your favorite part of this story??? Please share below. I’d love to hear from you.
I pray that you will continue to make Healthy Choices while you are “In the Weighting”.

My 1st Marathon


Hello Superstarr!!!  I’m so excited you are here.  For my 1st post I feel like I gotta start with how my 1st Half Marathon came about.  I had been running off and on for a few years, started with walk/running enventualy worked up to running 5K races.  My pattern seemed to be after the race was over I went back to old habits then started training again before the next race.  My friend Angie got into running and then signed up for her 1st Half Marathon in Green Bay, WI at Lambeau Field, Home of the Packers. Angie asked if I would want to do the race with her. Being a Starr, My Husband Bob, was born and raised a Packer fan. So when I became a Starr, I become a Packer fan also. The thought of being able to run my first half marathon at Lambeau Field sounded AWESOME!!! However I really doubt it I could ever run 13.1 miles, at the same time, on the same day. But I continue to think about it and then within a few weeks I realized it was the same day as our oldest son’s graduation from High School. It gave me the excuse to say I was not able to do it. However, I continued to think about it off and on especially when running. So she ran the race did AWESOME  and sent me pictures of her new bling. Which of course was all Green Bay Packers theme. Again I started thinking how Awesome it would be to actually run and to get that bling. She continued to encourage me even though I totally doubted myself. That is the great friend she is!!!


The time passed I continued running during the Summer. That Fall I went to a Women’s Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. While I was there, my friends decided to go take a nap in the afternoon but I had energy and I decided to go running. So I laced up my shoes headed down to the hotel gym, got on the treadmill and ran a 5K. While I was running I felt like the Holy Spirit told me that I could run a Half Marathon if I wanted to and He would help me. Even though I had Self Doubt I knew I couldn’t do it but I knew with God’s help I could do anything he asked me to do. I also knew that if I achieve this all glory would go to God. Everyone who knew me would also see that. So when I got off that treadmill that day I decided that I would be obedient and try. I would do the research, find out how to train, how to do it my way. With my schedule and be obedient and let God do a miracle in me.


When I returned to the conference later that afternoon, I remember standing there looking around the arena, and thinking the next time I come back here I will have ran a half marathon!!!  I will be a half-marathon Runner!!!! I kept repeating it and speaking it so much to myself that I really truly believed it by the time I left the conference. I got EXCITED!!!  On the drive home, I told what happened on the treadmill to my friends and that when I got home I was going to sign up for my first half marathon. Of course when I got home I told Angie that I be running with her next year. She was super excited and as soon as the Green Bay registration was open I paid the money and signed up. I also continue to tell friends and family that I was going to do it. Talking about it with others would be helpful  hold me accountable. I knew they would ask me how it was or how it went. I would have to follow through and I couldn’t back out. For the most part I was so pumped that I really did believe that I was going to do it but it was just extra accountability, if I started to to think about quitting. Plus put down the money for the race I didn’t want to waste my money. So I signed up, starting my training, but I knew I couldn’t take my Husband, Bob up there to Lambeau Field to watch me run a race without taking him to a game first. That Christmas I got us tickets to a game and we went to Green Bay, Wisconsin and watched the Packers play the last game of the season.


While we were there we toured the stadium and I remember just feeling this Super Cool feelings that the next time I was there on that field I would be running it and completing my first half marathon. While on the tour we were able to go through the tunnel and onto the field the same one that the Packers run through every game. I saw this plaque on the wall and it read “Proud generations of Green Bay Packer players, World Champions record 13 times, have run over this very concrete to Greatness.” The tour guide shared that chunk of concrete was moved from the old stadium into Lambeau Field when they moved into it. And that all the players high-fived it as they ran into the field before each game. I knew then that when I was running I would reach over and be high-fiving it as I ran onto the field achieving my greatness!!!


I definitely left Lambeau Field and Green Bay, Wisconsin feeling like I had SuperStarr power. Returning home I continued on with my training with a renewed sense of energy. After being in Green Bay and seeing some of the roads I would actually be running on, being in the stadium, where my family would be cheering for me and on the field where I would be running about to complete my marathon, it all become real. It powered me running through snow and ice, spring rains, and aches and pains. I became Determined Debbie. Determined that I was going to run the entire race without stopping to walk, once.


The race was on May 22nd 2016 just a few days before I would turn 36. As I was traveling up I was starting to feel some anxiety like I’ve never felt before.  I know and believe now that it was the enemy trying to discourage me, to confuse me, with self doubt again so that I wouldn’t do my race. As my husband was receiving a phone call my brother-in-law to wish me luck on my race, my hand started sweat crazy, my chest broke out in red hives and I was having difficulty breathing. Never ever had something like that happened before and it seemed like every time someone would mention me running the race or anything about the race my palms start sweating and my chest would break out in hives. I prayed for peace and prayed for my confidence to be in God. During the drive up I was reading a book that my friend and pastor, Chuck Tate wrote called 41 Will Come. And as I was reading one of my favorite chapters, Rawk Stance, God was reminding me that I had done the hard work already. I had trained and prepared. The racecourse before me was my giant but it was about to be defeated. Because I was going to slay it!!!  I decided to shake off the doubt and receive my pay off, which came in the form of really cool bling.  We made it to Green Bay back to Lambeau Field  where I picked up my race packet it all became VERY REAL!!!  Holding my number and my t-shirt  that said  “It’s Personal”  spoke exactly how this experience for training for my first race was. The night Before the Race all of us Runners met up at a restaurant. We were all fueling up for the race. As I sit around with all my friends while eating Apple Bacon Pancakes and Loaded Hashbrowns I realized, God has Me Right Where I Need to Be!!! I was with My people!!!  That’s one of the things that I love with running is that you are required to eat, to fuel yourself so that you have energy to run. Carbs are good, Not the devil LOL!!!


The next morning I woke up and prayed and we headed down to the race start line.   I had some butterflies in my stomach.  It was just nervous energy, to get going, to move, to get running. I passed the time snapping pictures, posting stuff on Facebook that my race is about to begin.


Just before the race begin I had to pee a bit but, I knew there was no way I was going miss the start. While Stretching they played a Prince song and just as the race started, Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing. Even the music was my perfect soundtrack!!!


The whole time while running, I just kept soaking up all that was happening…that I was actually running the half-marathon I had been training for. This dream was happening, God helped me and I realized he was showing me, that he can help me do anything!!! That he had placed those dreams in me for me to fulfill. During the race, I continue to run I never stopped. I ran the entire race!!!  I loved how all the locals had out there garden hoses to help cool us off as we ran by. Different garages had bands playing for us. There was kids handing out freezer pops and high-fives. I had to water bottles on me in preparation to not have to stop, even for water. The feeling of having to pee left me after a couple miles. I ran through the last two water stops because I was getting low and didn’t want to run out. It was a hot race even though we were up North. Definitely different than when I was there and it was the Frozen Tundra!!! Towards the end of the race there was a lady standing there with a sign that said “This hill is your B….!!!” It totally made me laugh and give me the extra energy to get up and over that Hill.  As I was running towards the stadium realizing that it was almost over but I was tired and ready to be done running. At the stadium there was a ton of people cheering and lots of energy.


As I was running towards the tunnel to go out onto the field, I saw that they had that roped off where the sign was. They were directing traffic in an out from the stadium through that tunnel so I understood why. However, even with the security guard there, I didn’t care. I didn’t run that far to not high five THE SIGN when I go to it!!! I crossed the Rope,  he started to speak, I highfived the sign and quickly ducked back under the rope to my side again. He smiled and stepped back and I ran on past him with a bigger smile on my face!!!! I ran out into the field I looked up in the stadium and I saw the big name of Starr, for Bart Starr.  Even though I know it is for him, that day I felt that God had it there for me too!!! As I was running around on Lambeau Field, in the stadium looking for my family and friends I hadn’t seen them yet. I heard them and looked up…. and there they were!!!  How Super Cool that my biggest cheerleaders were there in the stands cheering for me!!!


My husband Bob, my son Ethan, my daughter Melody in her cute little Green Bay Cheerleader outfit, and my friend Angie.  Who believed in me all along and encourage me to do it!!!  As I ran outside and looped around I came up towards the finish line I was just overwhelmed with this SUPER-COOL energy that I had. I was just about to finish what I had worked so hard for, there again was My Mom Deb(who thankfully saved the finish line spots) and Biggest fans cheering me on!!! It was an Amazing race!!! I can’t even put into words the feeling of accomplishment and strength that I hand when I received my BLING!!!


As I was going walking through the end of the finish line this sweet old lady handed me some sliced oranges.  It was like she was sent from Heaven,  because those were the best tasting oranges I’ve ever had in my entire life!!!  They were cold,  super sweet and juicy. I was so hot and thirsty it was so was seriously the best oranges I’ve ever had in my entire life.  On the way home I was tired and sore but I felt amazing. I knew that I wanted to schedule another half marathon. I was hooked with running!!! I had found my thing!!! I’d found what I looked forward to do!!!  My therapy!!!  What energizes me!!! The workout that I missed if I didn’t get to do it!!! I booked my second Marathon in Dubuque Iowa on Labor Day so that I can run again and get more BLING!!! But that’s another story  that I’ll tell you about later. I pray that you would make healthy choices while you are “In the Weighting”.