In The Weighting



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Here I hope to Inspire you to Dream again!!!



Have you lost yourself somehow along this road of life???  Has taking care of everyone else and everything else sucked away your desire to take care of you???  Do you desperately want to be healthy and strong again???  Have you believed the lie that you are too old to start anything new???  Do you need someone to be your Cheerleader and Coach, who has been there too???  Do you love God and want to be able to grow deeper spiritually???  Is Family an important priority???  Do you love to laugh and fun???  Is there no way you are gonna live off of protein bars and juice for the rest of your life???  You say no to diet pills and living carb free for life???  Over my bread body, Right???  Do you love Movies, Music, Books and lots of Coffee???  Are we friends now???

Then hang out, make yourself at home and you have my permission to Creep.

With starting any new adventure, goal or dream it takes time for you to get there.  In that waiting period is where most people get frustrated, impatience and give up.  That’s the “In The Weighting”.  I’m here to cheer ya on and to remind you to DO IT, DON’T QUIT!!!  You are not alone!!! I’m telling you what I had to tell myself a lot of days when my body was still sore from my last run, but I laced up and ran anyway.  My friend even put in on some shirts for me so I could keep reading it during my workouts.  Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.  It’s gonna pass whether you are working on your goals or not.  I’m gonna wear out, not rust out!!!  What about you???


Christmas 2015 / Christmas 2016



After My 1st Workout Pic / Recent Workout Pic


My Before / After 1st Half Marathon


My Before / After 2nd Half Marathon


My Before / After 3rd half Marathon